asp .net core Jwt Security Token

Issuer and SecurityKey To generate Jwt Security Token in core, we have to declare variables that are required for the token to be generated based on. Those variables are Issuer and SigningKey, we can put these variables in appsettings.json so we can read it later. JwtBearerAuthentication Now to add jwtbearer middleware, we need … Lanjutkan membaca asp .net core Jwt Security Token


how to dockerize core application

ASP .NET Core To dockerize your existing ASP.NET Core application, you need to install docker first. This article will explain on how to leverage docker-compose.  To do  development inside a docker container, you need to create a docker image. Let's open a terminal and create a directory to put our project files, call it aspnetdocker. Then … Lanjutkan membaca how to dockerize core application

How to draw a marker on OpenStreetMap

openstreetmap leafletjs

To Use OpenStreetMap and draw marker we can use a javascript library, there’s a lot out there but for this example well use It’s open source, mobile friendly and lightweight and has a complete features most developers need. Leafletjs Now head over to the website and follow the quick start tutorial, that should be … Lanjutkan membaca How to draw a marker on OpenStreetMap

Menggunakan SignalR di ASP .NET Core


SignalR adalah library untuk ASP .Net yang memudahkan developer untuk menambahkan real-time fungsionalitas pada web application. SignalR menambahkan kemampuan web application untuk mem-push konten atau data ke semua atau sebagian client yang sedang terkoneksi tanpa menunggu client tersebut untuk melakukan request terlebih dahulu. Beberapa fungsi real-time yang bisa diimplementasikan menggunakan SignalR adalah notifikasi instan, aplikasi … Lanjutkan membaca Menggunakan SignalR di ASP .NET Core

Cosuming Rest API in a WPF Application.

We'll make a simple WPF application that consumes a web api. The WPF app is called IDX_NEWS, and the features are : fetching  news announcement and view the details from IDX API Before begin developing we need to check the website first, go to this url and while the website is loading press F12 … Lanjutkan membaca Cosuming Rest API in a WPF Application.

Angular 2 application with core API – Part 2


The angular template from dotnet cli is using the angular v4.4.6 LTS version. So we cannot use the latest angular v.5 APIs. After creating the angular components in earlier post now we need to write each component, if you use VSCode or Visual Studio this will be easy because the editor will provide intellisense for … Lanjutkan membaca Angular 2 application with core API – Part 2

c#: Sorting List of Complex Type or an Object using IComparable

To do sorting with List<T> of your own object type you need to implement IComparable<T> interface into the class itself. So when you have a List of the object you can easily call listOfObject.Sort() to sort the content of that list. For example: imagine you have a Class Schedule for work schedule and that class … Lanjutkan membaca c#: Sorting List of Complex Type or an Object using IComparable

Hasil StackOverflow Developer Survey 2017

stackoverflow survey 2018

Melihat hasil Developer Survey tahun 2017, banyak hal yang bias ditarik kesimpulannya. Misal, Sebagian besar peran dari responden adalah sebagai web developer, meskipun dijelaskan bahwa banyak juga dari mereka yang membuat aplikasi desktop dan mobile. Bahasa pemrograman yang paling populer adalah : JavaScript SQL Java C# dst. Sepertinya banyak developer jaman sekarang yang bekerja membuat Web … Lanjutkan membaca Hasil StackOverflow Developer Survey 2017