ASP .NET Core MVC, partitioned controllers and views into several csprojs

To partition your core project into several csprojs is easy or maybe you want to make use of one or more common functionality between multiple apps. ASP.Net Core came with an abstraction over the resource of an app, it’s called application parts. Using an appliction part, we can share controllers,views, tag helpers etc intoContinue reading “ASP .NET Core MVC, partitioned controllers and views into several csprojs”

Angular 2 application with core API – Part 2

The angular template from dotnet cli is using the angular v4.4.6 LTS version. So we cannot use the latest angular v.5 APIs. After creating the angular components in earlier post now we need to write each component, if you use VSCode or Visual Studio this will be easy because the editor will provide intellisense forContinue reading “Angular 2 application with core API – Part 2”

Angular 2 application with core API

To develop web application with Angular 2 and ASP .NET Core API we can use a builtin template that’s provide from the dotnet CLI (command line interface) by typing dotnet new angular but before you do that you need to make a new folder where you’ll put all your project files. Don’t forget to runContinue reading “Angular 2 application with core API”

Hasil StackOverflow Developer Survey 2017

Melihat hasilĀ Developer Survey tahun 2017, banyak hal yang bias ditarik kesimpulannya. Misal, Sebagian besar peran dari responden adalah sebagai web developer, meskipun dijelaskan bahwa banyak juga dari mereka yang membuat aplikasi desktop dan mobile. Bahasa pemrograman yang paling populer adalah : JavaScript SQL Java C# dst. Sepertinya banyak developer jaman sekarang yang bekerja membuat WebContinue reading “Hasil StackOverflow Developer Survey 2017”