asp .net core Jwt Security Token

Issuer and SecurityKey To generate Jwt Security Token in core, we have to declare variables that are required for the token to be generated based on. Those variables are Issuer and SigningKey, we can put these variables in appsettings.json so we can read it later. { "Logging": { "LogLevel": { "Default": "Warning" } },Continue reading “asp .net core Jwt Security Token”

How to draw a marker on OpenStreetMap

To Use OpenStreetMap and draw marker we can use a javascript library, there’s a lot out there but for this example well use It’s open source, mobile friendly and lightweight and has a complete features most developers need. Leafletjs Now head over to the website and follow the quick start tutorial, that should beContinue reading “How to draw a marker on OpenStreetMap”

Angular 2 application with core API – Part 2

The angular template from dotnet cli is using the angular v4.4.6 LTS version. So we cannot use the latest angular v.5 APIs. After creating the angular components in earlier post now we need to write each component, if you use VSCode or Visual Studio this will be easy because the editor will provide intellisense forContinue reading “Angular 2 application with core API – Part 2”

Angular 2 application with core API

To develop web application with Angular 2 and ASP .NET Core API we can use a builtin template that’s provide from the dotnet CLI (command line interface) by typing dotnet new angular but before you do that you need to make a new folder where you’ll put all your project files. Don’t forget to runContinue reading “Angular 2 application with core API” core MVC login menggunakan custom database. Part-2

HttpPost, HttpGet dan Authorize attributes. Melanjutkan artikel part-1. Untuk meng-handle autentikasi dan input dari login form yang dikirim browser dengan metod POST, harus menggunakan HttpPost attribute pada method/action yang ada di SecurityController. Untuk itu tambahkan method baru yaitu Login dengan parameter type LoginViewModel. Saya akan menjelaskan gambar diatas, attribute yang dipakai adalah [HttpPost], [AllowAnonymous] danContinue reading “ core MVC login menggunakan custom database. Part-2”