Cosuming Rest API in a WPF Application.

We’ll make a simple WPF application that consumes a web api. The WPF app is called IDX_NEWS, and the features are : fetching¬† news announcement and view the details from IDX API Before begin developing we need to check the website first, go to this url and while the website is loading press F12Continue reading “Cosuming Rest API in a WPF Application.”

Cosuming JSON Rest API in C#

There is a lof of good libraries to consume JSON API in C#, we can search for rest client in First item on the search result is RestSharp,¬† a simple REST and Http API client. You can also use System.Net.Http.HttpClient as it is a base for sending http requests and receiving http responses providedContinue reading “Cosuming JSON Rest API in C#”